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elb|sim|engineering Jochen Harms


elb|sim|engineering represents the Mechanical engineer Jochen Harms, who works in the area of CAE development since 2002 and since 2013 as a freelancer in the area of development of wind turbines. The focus of the development projects is on the multi-body simulation with SIMPACK, the load calculation of wind turbines and the programming of simulation tools and processes.

Many companies in the wind industry are currently improving their established development processes and are therefore searching for new simulation methods and tools.

For that reason, the multi-body simulation is getting more and more into the focus of the wind industry. elb|sim|engineering combines many years of experience in multi-body simulation with many years of experience in the development and load calculation of wind turbines. Therefore, elb|sim|engineering offers optimal support in the build-up of detailed MBS simulation models and the development of more efficient development processes.


Elb Sim Engineering Wind Turbine

21 years of CAE development

  • Multi-body simulation (MBS)
  • FEM
  • Controls
  • Programming
  • Wind, Automotive, Rail, Machinery
Elb Sim Egnineering MKS Car
Elb Sim Engineering Wind Turbine

21 years of MBS with SIMPACK

  • Model buildup
  • Simulations and analyses
  • Tool programming/SIMPACK Scripting
Elb Sim Egnineering MKS FEM Car
Elb Sim Engineering Wind Turbine

15 years development of wind turbines

  • Load calculation
  • Certification
  • Process development
Elb Sim Engineering Modelling 01
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elb|sim|engineering has versatile experience in product development, especially in the technical simulation. Elb|sim|engineering offers support in the development and optimization of simulation processes, in the implementation of new simulation methods (MBS) and in the programming of tools for the automatization of simulation processes.