Your Partner for Multi-Body Simulations of Wind Turbines


elb|sim|engineering provides customized training programs in the field of multi-body simulation of wind turbines with SIMPACK. Content and aims of the training are not fixed but are flexibly defined in advance, exactly following customer requirements. The contents can be imparted using customer models, which guarantees a very practical training.
Training contents

  • Model elements (bodies, markers, joints, force elements, time excitations, etc.)
  • Model parametrization
  • Model substructuring
  • Model assemply
  • Model database
  • Interface configuration (Aerodyn, controller, FEM)


  • Time domain analyses (Run up, DLC time series, etc.)
  • Modal analysis


  • Time plots
  • 2D Campbell plots
  • 3D Campbell plots
  • Result export

Scripting and process development

  • Generation and modification of simulation models
  • Start of simulations
  • Analysis of simulation results
  • Generation of result plots
  • GUI design
  • Load calculation process with SIMPACK
Training “on the job”
The training contents can be imparted using customer models:

  • Very practically orientated training programs
  • Generation of initial simulation results already during the training course
  • Identification and elimination of customized problems already during the trainings
  • No buildup of useless dummy models
Training exactly fitted to customer requirements
All training contents are defined following 100% customer requests:

  • Very effective training
  • No teaching of irrelevant contents
  • Flexible and short-term adjustments of training contents

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