Multi-Body Simulation

Modelling Analyses and Reports Process Development
Bild12 (PW56)

Based on the customer-specific development task elb|sim|engineering builds optimal simulation models and model systems:

Bild14 (Triebstrang AMSC)

Elb|sim|engineering provides a wide range of analyses and reports for its customers, for example:

Type and complexity of analyses and reports are arranged in close collaboration with each customer.

Bild25 (Anlage => Process => Loads)

Elb|sim|engineering provides the development of efficient and user-friendly simulation processes and the integration of these simulation processes into already existing development processes.

For these purposes elb|sim|engineering uses the SIMPACK QSA scripting language which provides a wide range of pre- and postprocessing functionalities:

Load Calculation of Wind Turbines

Load calculation/Process development/Programming
Bild31 (Postprocessing)

Elb|sim|engineering has long-term experience in load calculations of wind turbines using established simulation tools and therefore also supports its customers in the development of calculation processes with tools like BLADED and FLEX5.

Especially the programming of pre- and postprocessing tools is one of the core competences of elb|sim|engineering: